T R U S T …..  “firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something” Yes, I have it in spades….. I’m so grateful to be undertaking MKMMA for the second time. And this is why…. my soul lifted to a Higher Ground during the first MKMMA. And so my VISION of […]

We moved to a hosted site and will be shutting this site down in a couple of weeks. Please visit us at: We Seek Freedom http://weseekfreedom.com

Funny how it’s Week 9, and I discovered this graphic, illustrating ‘Chapter 9’ of a completely different subject. But hey, it resonates strongly.  “WORK IN PROGRESS” signs are up all over the place!! (not really lol) I’ve been getting my act together in a physical sense. I’ve also been mourning having my own ‘space’.  I […]

Last week’s revelation about Shame and Imperfection and Vulnerability was life-changing for me. I feel a lightness and a return to MKMMA work with renewed vigour, a spring in my step, and a twinkle in my eye that others are noticing. It’s about LOVE, first and foremost. Love for self… a new experience. And I’m going […]

It’s incredible how our blueprint works…. how we are conditioned to operate from years of careful and not-so-careful crafting. The master illusion of “who we are”.  Is it just me? Or do others feel pressure to be “perfect”. I was stranded on my desert island this week. You know, the perfect island… where everything is […]

Wow… this week I’ve been under the pump!!! I remember reading my buddy’s blog 2 weeks ago and he was  s_t_r_e_t_c_h_e_d  for time. I feel like I’m having an out-of-body-experience. My subby is having a field day (I can hear her laughing like a demon right now). Am I ever going to conquer that demon? […]