T R U S T …..  “firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something” Yes, I have it in spades….. I’m so grateful to be undertaking MKMMA for the second time. And this is why…. my soul lifted to a Higher Ground during the first MKMMA. And so my VISION of […]

We moved to a hosted site and will be shutting this site down in a couple of weeks. Please visit us at: We Seek Freedom http://weseekfreedom.com

Funny how it’s Week 9, and I discovered this graphic, illustrating ‘Chapter 9’ of a completely different subject. But hey, it resonates strongly.  “WORK IN PROGRESS” signs are up all over the place!! (not really lol) I’ve been getting my act together in a physical sense. I’ve also been mourning having my own ‘space’.  I […]

Last week’s revelation about Shame and Imperfection and Vulnerability was life-changing for me. I feel a lightness and a return to MKMMA work with renewed vigour, a spring in my step, and a twinkle in my eye that others are noticing. It’s about LOVE, first and foremost. Love for self… a new experience. And I’m going […]

It’s incredible how our blueprint works…. how we are conditioned to operate from years of careful and not-so-careful crafting. The master illusion of “who we are”.  Is it just me? Or do others feel pressure to be “perfect”. I was stranded on my desert island this week. You know, the perfect island… where everything is […]

Wow… this week I’ve been under the pump!!! I remember reading my buddy’s blog 2 weeks ago and he was  s_t_r_e_t_c_h_e_d  for time. I feel like I’m having an out-of-body-experience. My subby is having a field day (I can hear her laughing like a demon right now). Am I ever going to conquer that demon? […]

My subby is trying to kill me. She thinks there is no other way to protect me from this path I’m on. I’m feeling this, strongly, as I’m trying to open my eyes. And can’t. If you’re reading this and about to call 000, don’t. I’m not in mortal danger. Subby is not a person. […]

I’ve been doing a lot this week.  Flitting here and there…. busy as a butterfly. My mantra “DO IT NOW!!” emanates from my mouth like the involuntary tics of a Tourette’s sufferer. In fact, I awoke early this morning with a white hot burning desire!!!! “Write your blog now!!!.”  (Who IS that talking to me??) […]

Ah oh!!! After reading 15 blogs… 3 weeks worth from my five fellow travelers… my little voice was going NUTS!!! (Leave now!!!)  (Get out while you can!!!)  (RUN FOR IT!!!!) Or what??? (People will see you as you are!!)  (Flawed…. !!!  imperfect…. !!!!) Yep, that’s me 🙂  And I appear to be surrounded by some […]